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3 mai 2018
Deputy Managing Director Suriname

Deputy Managing Director Suriname

We are looking for a highly driven Deputy Managing Director for our Suriname fruit production operation, sharing our enthusiasm for our mission: to produce the healthiest food that nature can grow, deliver a positive impact on our environment, and inspire change across the whole food industry.


Job type: permanent, full-time, with trial period

Salary: competitive, including bonus

Location: Paramaribo, Suriname

Production: Bananas over 2,000ha in 2 farms

Roles & Responsibilities:

In this challenging role, the Deputy Managing Director will control and oversee the operations while reporting to the Managing Director. With the aim to develop and execute the business strategy, he will drive profitability, build an effective organization, lead the operations and finance teams, and deliver commercial objectives. Specific areas of responsibility include:

Assuming accountability for the company operations, with a focus on the following points

  • Delivering best agricultural practices, efficient post-harvest and optimal quality control
  • Directing optimal sales and marketing of the products
  • Ensuring the proper human, technological and financial resources are in place for the continued success and growth of the business
  • Aggressive revenue and cost optimization, in compliance with the spending thresholds and policies set by the Group
  • Overseeing the finance functions with budget planning, cash management, IFRS reporting, and addressing the financing needs of the group through organic funding
  • Reporting of performance on a monthly basis
  • Cash generating position on an annual basis

Building and maintaining an effective management team

  • Communicating mission, values and strategy
  • Assigning key roles and responsibilities, dismissing and relocating unnecessary people as needed
  • Hiring, developing and promoting talents, while developing consistent training for teams
  • Developing an open and communicative climate
  • Ensuring a proper succession plan is in place at any time for senior functions in the company
  • Setting targets, evaluating performance and appropriate rewarding of team members

Developing strategic plans, according to objectives set by the Group

  • 5-year forecast operating and financial model, with key focus on cash returned to Group and delivery of regenerative objectives
  • Organically funded growth strategy, including new products, markets and land
  • Key strategic analyses on product mix, productivity and go-to-market strategy
  • Education of the team to operate under the financial constraints and objectives set by the Group
  • Ensure company policies, risk mitigation actions, compliance with health and safety requirements are communicated and followed at all times
  • Addressing the financing needs of the group, through organic funding

The Deputy Managing Director will report to the Managing Director.

Skills, Qualifications & Attitude

We are looking for a strategic leader and team player, confident and happy to work hard to

accomplish a purposeful goal. The following skills are the most important:

  • At least 10 years of relevant experience in a similar position within a primary production enterprise
  • Solid managerial skills, ability to manage an extensive team including white- and blue-collar employees
  • Entrepreneurial and hands-on attitude. Boots in the field
  • Ability to successfully manage contingencies, crises, tight cash situations, and execute change management plans
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Good understanding of the wider agribusiness/ food & drink/ retail sectors
  • Business education with good command of finance
  • Open mindset with keen interest in innovation
  • Good knowledge of English, Dutch is a plus
  • Interest in themes such as sustainability, resource efficiency, regenerative or circular business models
  • Willingness to live in remote locations
  • Ambition to meaningfully grow the business

About The Fruit Farm Group

The Fruit Farm Group is an international producer and exporter of fresh fruits. We grow the most desirable fruit varieties and serve a global customer base. (

Please send CV and cover letter to Tanguy De Bock at

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