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15 septembre 2018
Junior Expert Forestry Data Base Management

Junior Expert Forestry Data Base Management

The Junior Programme aims to contribute to the development of a new generation of young people who, following their Junior Expert experience, will commit both in the North and the South to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). During their field experience the focus is on developing competences, on innovation, on contact with the local reality and on networking. This way, young experts can professionally contribute to the project/programme to which they are assigned; and at the same time, they acquire the necessary competences and expertise to actively contribute to the SDGs.

The young people work at least 1 and at most 2 years in a project of Enabel or of one of the Non-governmental Actors (NGA) that are affiliated with the Junior Programme. Please go to our website to discover the list of the affiliated NGAs.

The Programme accepts young people aged 30 at most, who are European nationals, who have a master’s or professional bachelor’s degree and who master French or Dutch (the selection takes place in French or Dutch).

General information

Reference code: RWA.1805 - Junior Expert Forestry Data Base Management (Enabel)

Work location: Rwanda, Kigali, Enabel,

Contract type: CDI with terme clause

Contract duration: 1 year extendable

Maximum contract extension: 12

Expected contract start date: between 01/02/2019 and 20/04/2019

Monthly gross salary package: 1.475,01 euro plus reimbursement of accommodation costs and various benefits. Please consult our webpages for more information.


Biomass is the main source of cooking energy in Rwanda  with 93 % of rural and urban households depending on it. The intervention “Forest Management and  Woody Biomass Energy Support project (FMBE)” joins the effort of the Government of Rwanda in securing energy for all Rwandans. The total demand for conventional woody biomass was estimated to be approximately 4.2 Mt, and sustainable supply potential was estimated at 3.2 million tons. It is expected that due to urbanization, population and income growth, by 2020, the demand will grow to 5.7 Mt. The objective of the programme is to increase the woody biomass production capacity on private and public land. Therefore, these activities are set up:

  • Districts Forest Management Plans are developed and implemented to increase sustainable supply of woody biomass
  • improved capacity of Rwanda Natural Resources Authority (RNRA - recently changed to Rwanda Water and Forestry Authority -RWFA) and districts for monitoring forest management, gender integration and benefitting from climate financing opportunities. In this context, one specific activity is related to the support of RWFA in implementation of the Forestry Monitoring and Evaluation System (FMES) that has been developed under the previous Enabel intervention. The present request is specifically targeting this activity.


The objective of the function is to improve the processing of data and indicators of the FMES (Forestry Monitoring & Evaluation System) through the technical support of the department in charge of forestry (RWFA) in the coordination of data collection, in the data entry quality control, in the improvement of indicator's processing methods and in eventual software upgrading.


Required training/degree (eliminatory on CV): Master or Professional Bachelor’s Degree

  • ICT
  • Agronomy/ Forestry / Bio engineer
  • Civil engineer

Required specific knowledge (eliminatory on CV):

  • Basic Knowledge of a Database Management tool (Post SQL, ACCESS, DHIS2, ARCGIS,,,, )

Preferred assets (not eliminatory on CV):

Relevant experience in

* design/development/maintenance/use of database tools using PostSql, PostGIS, QGIS, ARCGIS, ACCES, DHIS2,,,,

* development/customization of software (hardcoding) and high capacity to learn/handle new IT tools * calculation, monitoring and reporting of environmental and or forestry sectors indicato

Language skills:

  • English required
  • French preferable

Discover the complete job description.

Admission criteria

Only candidates who meet the following prerequisite admission criteria on 24th September 2018 can apply:

  1. At least hold a professional bachelor's degree or an academic masters, either issued in Belgium or recognized as having equivalent status by competent Belgian authorities. (A professional bachelor degree gives direct access to a profession, unlike academic bachelor degree who only gives access to enrolment in an academic Master’s program).
  2. Hold Belgian nationality or be a citizen of a member state of the European Economic Union or the Swiss Confederation.
  3. Born after 24th September 1987.
  4. Able to deliver an extract from their criminal record to prove their behaviour in accordance with the requirements of the job and enjoying full civil and political rights
  5. Specific criteria (see profile)

You'll be asked to provide documents that prove you meet these criteria in case of an actual recruitment for a Junior Expert position.

Application instructions

Please follow the instructions underneath to complete your online CV and to submit your application correctly and timely. Only applicants who meet all prerequisite admission criteria and who have submitted a complete application will be invited to the rest of the selection procedure.

Please complete all blocks of information directly in your candidate profile in one of these languages: EN, FR or Dutch.Then apply for one or more function(s) in the language of the country concerned (EN or FR), add your personal CV as pdf and copy-paste your motivation letter in this language.For Mozambique and Palestine please apply in English.

Be as complete as possible in the information you share about your education, and your current and previous work experience. We cannot accept incomplete applications

We advise you to save your data regularly. Beware also of the fact that the application tool does not make it easy to edit long descriptions directly in your candidate profile, because the full text is not visible until you’ve finished editing. We advise you therefore to prepare any long items on a separate word document and to copy paste it later on.

Answer all the extra questions on the second page.

Please write a motivation essay in the requested field. Do not attach a separate motivation letter.

If you are interested, please apply between 10th September 2018 (12:00 noon) and  24th September 2018 (12:00 noon) – Brussel Local Time. Past the cut-off the date it will be impossible to submit your application for this job.

For more information regarding the selection you can send e-mail to

Maureen Debruyne – - +32 (0)2 505 18 86 ou Skype : Maureen Debruyne Enabel  HQ (Call)

At the following dates and hours you can contact her by telephone on tuesday 18th September 2018 from 11am until 1pm

We thank you in advance for your interest in our Junior Programme.

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